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Introducing the NEW Lake Gregory Tagged Fish Rewards Program!

Win up to $1,500 Every Month!

Three bright orange tagged fish will be released into Lake Gregory at the beginning of each month with a minimum value of $100 each and a maximum of $500 each. If you catch that bright orange tagged fish,

you win!


$500 Cash - Catch an orange tagged fish while owning two or more Lake Gregory Annual Passes. (Annual Parking Pass excluded)

$200 ($100 cash + $100 store credit) - Catch an orange tagged fish while owning only one Lake Gregory Annual Pass. (Annual Parking Pass excluded)

$100 Cash - Catch an orange tagged Lake Gregory fish

Sign up at the North Shore Boathouse today and Fish On!

OFFICIAL RULES: Anglers must register at the Lake Gregory Boat House to Participate. Must hold a valid California fishing license and show proof of paid fishing access fee prior to catching an orange tagged fish. Orange tagged fish must be caught during regular operating hours for Lake Gregory. Payment is not retroactive. For higher payouts, you must be an Annual Pass holder prior to catching orange tagged fish for payment to be valid. Annual Parking Pass is excluded. For Family Annual Pass Holders, only one person (the original purchaser) is eligible for the payouts above $100 cash. If there are two different Annual Pass Holders in the household, only one is eligible for winning the multi-pass payout. Orange tagged fish must be caught while on Lake Gregory Recreation Company property. Orange
tagged fish must be fresh caught and brought to Lake Gregory Boat House. To qualify for prize, participants must show proof of registration along with proper ID. All decisions are the sole discretion of Lake Gregory Recreation Company and are final.

For more information please visit the Lake Gregory Recreation website by clicking the link below.